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As a large and dynamic metal craft manufacturer in China based on the international customer orientation, Faezrland could provide various of services for any size of partners.

1.”NO MOQ” Services

    As a large factory with 6 years’ manufacturing experience, Faezland have various of customers all around the all world. In order to cooperate with more customers and help them to expand the market and produce more treasure, for mostly of our products, we provide NO MOQ services. For new customers, small trial orders are highly appreciated. Free samples and free artworks could be provided upon your detailed requests.

2.”Free Artworks" Services

    Faezrland has a lot of artwork designers, many of them have over 5 years’ experience on this line. No matter 2D vector artworks, 3D mold artworks, printed artworks (Photoshop artworks) or CAD artworks, we could finish them within a very short time and provide the original files to you directly. The most important thing is that we provide them with free even we will not gain any order from you.

    Faezrland accepts the mainstream designs format. Such as Jpg, Bmp, Doc/Docx. AI (Adobe Illustrator), vectorial PDF, EPS or CDR are preferred, for offset (CMYK) printed items we prefer image resolution greater than 500dpi which assure the final products reach a very fine detail. You don't have to get a finished design, even a concept will work.

3.”Good Order Tracking” Services

  Faezrland have a very special management system. Excepting there are 3 full-time merchandisers (Foreign trade merchandisers), each sales must track their orders by themselves everyday. All of them need to fill a order tracking form and take a good record for processes. Then they could inform customers the corresponding schedules and make everything smooth.

    For any customers, Faezrland could keep a promise to provide photos for your approval at any time. We are also warm welcome you or your team to visit our factory to check the quality.