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Products > Collection Coins > > Baseball Coin
Product name : Baseball Coin
Item : FZ-CC-002
Material : Brass/ Iron
Size : diameter40mm~60mm,2.0mm thickness
Plating Color : gold
Accessory : NO
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  •  Royal coin
  • Material: brass or zinc alloy
  • Reference sizes are 38, 42, 45 and 50mm
  • Motifs can be 2D flat or 3D
  • Hydraulic stamping to control each press evenly
  • Raised parts are matte finishing while recessed areas are as bright as mirror
  • Always with 3-side polishing including front, back and edge
  • Mirror effective coins usually without any colors filled
  • Finishing must be bright gold, silver, nickel or copper plated
  • Antique finishing, matte finishing or satin finishing are not suitable for mirror effect
  • Diamond cut and coin edges are all available

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